About Us

The Purpose of Sugarfoot Shag Club is to preserve and promote The Dance and the Music through friendship and fellowship. Please come to our events and become a part of this great lifestyle!

History of Sugarfoot Shag Club

History of the Sugarfoot Shag Club (so far)

In the early spring of 1992 word was spread that shaggers in Goldsboro and surrounding counties wanted to form a new shag club. There were approximately 50 people at the 1st organizational meeting held in Gary Bevell’s junk yard. Nominations were held to fill 12 boards of director’s positions. The officers of the club were elected from that board of directors. The following people were elected as the first officers for the new shag club. Doug Weaver, President, Frank Brown, Vice President, Linda Amon, Treasurer and Julie Edwards, Secretary.

The name of the club , logo and club colors were decided by a contest held for the members. Sugarfoot was chosen as the name, teal and purple were chosen for the colors. Jerry Bean, a local Goldsboro artist took the rough drawing of the logo and turned it into the club logo. Frank Brown was in charge of developing bylaws for the new club.

The Johnson County Area Shag Club sponsored Sugarfoot Shag Club for membership in the Association of the Carolina Shag Clubs. After one years probation Sugarfoot became a member of the association.

Members of the club traveled over North Carolina and South Carolina to party with other shag clubs. Our favorite phone call was one that started with “Road Trip”. With the help of the traveling Sugarfooters and DJ Charlie Byrd and his Charlie Byrd’s Beach Blast Sugarfoot soon became know as the shag club that all shaggers wanted to party with.

Shag Blast is our annual party. Shag Blast II in 1994 was attended by members from 15 other shag clubs. DJ’s Gene Petty and Charlie Byrd kept the dance floors packed. Dana Brown and Cy Creed, Grand National Champions gave several exhibition dances and then partied with shaggers for the rest of the night.

It soon became obvious the club needed more dance floor space, due to the large number of people attending our parties. Bonnie Merritt donated money for a larger dance floor. The dance floor was built in memory of Bonnie’s husband, CW Merritt.

At any given SOS Sugarfoot members were there in large numbers. Group pictures were taken at several SOS’s of us wearing our Sugarfoot Shag Club Shirts. Our favorite SOS DJ’s always announced that Sugarfoot Members were in the clubs and ready to dance. We danced with pro dancers as well as new shaggers and loved every step. We did an outstanding job of promoting the dance, preserving the music and wearing out our shoes. There was many an SOS a lot of us drove home barefooted.

Sugarfoot holds fund raisers for a number of charities each year. Our club song, “If I Can Help Somebody” by Otis Clay was given to us by Charlie Byrd because of the help we give to people and charities.

While we were in the process of building a great shag club, we made a lot of new friends that we might not ever have known if it were not for the Sugarfoot Shag Club. We also heard a lot of wonderful music that helps us remember all the friends who are no longer with us when we hear these special songs.

We are very proud to be members of the Sugarfoot Shag Club. We have worked very hard to maintain our friendly, fun club reputation.

Happy Birthday, Sugarfoot Shag Club.

Written by: Julie Edwards