Sugarfoot Shag Club is a social club dedicated to the preservation of the Southern Lifestyle that surrounds "Beach" music and the "Shag Dance". The Shag originated in the Carolinas. See our Events schedule for more details. The next event is SUNDAY, Sept 20th at Lane Tree Country Club in Goldsboro.  The time for this party will be 5 PM  Our guest DJ will be Stacy Overman.  . . Contact: JoAnne Williams, President at 919-689-2970 or joan_williams@bellsouth.net.  Come and join us and be sure to  bring a friend.

If you have not been to Lane Tree yet at one of our socials, you have  missed a great venue.  The facility and the dance floor is outstanding.  We had well over 100 at our party in August.  It was a great party.

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